The use of unmanned systems is a game changer in maritime technology. It allows us to create better, more flexible and interoperable unmanned solutions. From meeting the mine warfare challenge to enabling an increasingly more effective launch and recovery of autonomous boats. All contributing to secure or remove the exposure of people, reduce costs and enable independent remote operations for extended periods of time.

Spearheading the mine warfare challenge with unmanned systems. In close collaboration with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) we have developed a lightweight influence mine sweep for use by USVs. Providing everything from complete systems to dedicated tools to utilize your USVs to their fullest effect.
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With the development of more advanced processing capabilities and high yield power supplies, the roles and missions of autonomous underwater vehicles is constantly evolving. From commercial and research use to military applications, a common denominator is the challenge of launching and recovering AUVs. As well as enabling docking and handling, we have tailored holistic and adoptable solutions for swift launch and recoveries of an autonomous maritime future.
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Advances in USV control systems and navigation technologies are accelerating rapidly and the number of uses appears ever-increasing. Many of the existing and future applications of the great tool that the USV represents need practical means to operate from ship or land, the need for a launch and recovery method is always an issue to be solved. We have developed a L&R solution for close to every operational need.
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